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An Australian online casino differs from any other type of international online casino as it is the only kind which has dedicated its services and online casino games to players who are residents of Australian alone! So much so that any type of bonus which is handed out by this casino to its players may only be granted to Australian players and no other nationalities. It is due to this that makes this type of online casino the best destination for any type of Australian players who are looking for the best games provided in the Australian dollar currency.

It is a well-known fact that what makes online casinos so popular is their increased competitive series of bonuses. It is because of this that Australian players may find it is overwhelming at times searching through the various databases of online casinos in search for the best destination to suit their needs and desires. Therefore the most highly recommended online casino is that of All Australian casino. All its features are able to suit any level of player experience providing with some of the best Australian casino bonus. However in order to understand the function of such bonuses, players must first understand the forms in which these bonuses are handed out. More often than not, in order for any Australian online player to gain access to such online Australian casino bonus, they must first log into their existing account. This will allow them to gain various bonuses in the forms of free spins, free casino bonus, free credit and more. However should a player not already have an active account, they may proceed in following a brief registration process in order to create an account. Once this is done and they have placed their first deposit, they will immediately receive a welcome Australian casino bonus which matches a player’s first deposit by 100% up to a maximum of Au$50. This bonus offer will in turn double any player’s chance in winning large sums. But the best part about this bonus is that it is not limited to solely one game but can be played with a number of virtual games produced by one of the most reputable online gaming software companies called Netent.

It is important to note however that in order to complete a bonus offer, a player must meet the wagering requirement which pertain any form of bonus granted by the Australian casino. A wagering requirement is the total number of times the bonus amount needs to be wagered before any winnings from that bonus can be cashed out. Taking for example the welcomes Australian casino bonus; if a player had to place a first deposit of AU$ 20, they will receive an additional AU$20 as a welcome bonus. The wagering requirement for such bonus would be an average of 20 times, leading the bonus amount to be wagered at a total ofAU$400 (AU$20 bonus amount multiplies by the 20 times wagering requirement). In the case of any other type of bonuses handed out by the Australian casino, players would need to also fulfil similar wagering requirements. However not all players need necessarily accept such bonuses. Players are able to forfeit an existing allocated bonus as long as it has not be played yet. In the case of the welcome Australian casino bonus which automatically granted, players can request from the customer service department to forfeit it for them. As is the case with most bonuses, the first amount to be played is the bonus amount while the bonus comes into effect after. Therefore a player can immediately request the forfeit before the bonus is played. If however the bonus has already begun to be played and the player then requests a forfeit, then all winnings obtained from that bonus will also be forfeited. In the case of any future bonuses, players are able to make a note in their account in order to be excluded from them.

As mentioned earlier, most types of Australian casino bonus are able to be played with all virtual games but is not applicable to any of the live games. This means that should a player have received a bonus and wishes to play live games, upon entering they shall receive a message indicating so and giving them the choice to both forfeit the bonus and continue onto the live games or keep the bonus and divert to the game where it is applicable. Either way, the player is given this choice. However the Australian online casino bonus does not end there as there are many virtual games in the forms of slots or video slots (pokies) which offer bonuses within the games themselves. This means that while playing video slots, for example, players are able to receive free spins and play additional off the reel mini bonus games. Such is the case in the Netent video slots Boom brothers, Blood Suckers and Devils Delight. Depending on the number of bet lines and bet level, players are able to win large sums of bonus coins without the need to meet any wagering requirements before being able to cash out the winnings.

In other cases, there may be an Australian casino bonus which is granted to particular players at random and for various reasons. One such type of bonus is the free casino bonus. Should this be the case, the new bonus will be placed in the news and promotions page giving all Australian online players details on that particular bonus. In other occasions, the players themselves will be communicated with via email or telephone informing them of a particular bonus that they would have received. This is where the information given during the registration process is so important. It is with this information that the Australian customer service department makes contact and should any data be inputted incorrectly, certain Australian online players may miss out on that particular Australian casino bonus. As one can see from the above all different types of bonuses are granted to Australian players alone, thus qualifying the particular online casino as an Australian casino. Therefore no matter the game of their choice, players are randomly granted bonuses which cannot be found in any other casino.