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With the introduction of online gaming it was only a matter of time that casino games would begin to be offered among various online casinos. So much so, that the list of online casinos has been increasing rapidly over the last few years making it difficult for certain players to search through these endless lists for the best online casino. Although this may true, competition between these casinos has also been growing causing each of them to provide the best online casino bonus for their players.

The Australian online gaming industry has also been increasing through the years but it is difficult nowadays to locate an online casino which is dedicated to players from Australia alone. Therefore the best Australian casino bonus can only be found among the Australian based casinos such All Australian. As mentioned earlier, in order to increase the competition between these casinos, they have come up with ways to offer certain types of bonuses which cannot be found in any land based casino destination. Therefore not only do they offer the advantage of being able to offer players the chance to play their favourite games from the comfort of their own home, but they also provide the online casino bonus offers which cannot be found in other place other than these online casinos. In the case of Australian online players, the best Australian casino bonus is of course the welcome bonus. As this is granted to Australian online players alone, they monopolise this type of bonus which is granted with their first deposit. This means that in order to receive this particular bonus as well as any other bonuses granted by the online casino, Australian players must create and log into an account. Once they have done so, they have automatically entered the real mode play of any of the online casino games. These games can be played with any real money deposited by the players or the bonuses which have been granted by the casino. In the case of the All Australian Casino, Australian players will receive a 100% bonus of their first deposit of up to AU$50, thus giving the opportunity to double their chances in winning large amounts through their game play.

In order to be eligible to receive any form of online casino bonus including the welcome bonus, Australian players must abide by the terms and conditions of each bonus type. This entails a series of rules which need to be followed in order to receive and fulfil the requirements of any bonus. For starters it is important to note that Australian online players are only allowed to open one account within a specific online casino. The reason for this term is so as to eliminate the possibility of fraud and bonus hunters. Should a player open more than one account, they will be unable to receive the relevant online casino bonus and their accounts will be closed, banishing them from ever playing at the online casino again. Other rules and regulations of such procedures may be found within the casino information itself. In the meantime, the general rule for any online casino bonus is the wagering requirement which would need to be fulfilled before any winnings obtained from the particular bonus may be cashed out. This means that depending on the online casino bonus, it is accompanied by a pre-determined amount of times the bonus would need to be wagered. Taking for example of bonus granted of AU$40 in free rounds. This bonus would need to be wagered an average of let’s say 20 times before the winnings can be cashed out. This means that the total amount to be wagered is AU$800 (AU$40 bonus amount multiplied by the 20 times the bonus is required to be wagered). This amount can be wagered at any point in time as, more often than not, the online players are given a period of 30 days in order to utilise this bonus amount. If the amount is not wagered within the given period of time, then the casino automatically forfeits it. However this is not the only way of being able to forfeit an unwanted bonus.

Each and every online Australian player is given the freedom of choice of whether they wish to keep and play a particular online casino bonus or simply forfeit it. Most bonuses, apart from the welcome bonus are communicated to the player informing them of such a bonus being allocated to their account. Once this is done, the player can opt to either inform the customer service department of not wanting the said bonus or exclude themselves automatically from any future bonuses being handed out. Either way, it is important to note that an online casino bonus can be forfeited successfully only if the bonus was not wagered beforehand. This means that should a player decide to forfeit the online casino bonus once it has already been played, the player will also lose any winnings obtained from the bonus. This is why it is important that players are aware when a bonus has been allocated to their account or not. In order to keep better informed of such promotions being made available to online Australian players is through the news and promotions page found within the individual casino’s website. As mentioned earlier, another form of communication on such offers is also made either via email or telephone to the players themselves. This is why the information submitted during the registration process must be correct at all times as players may lose out on opportunities to receive such fantastic offers.

The online casino bonus may come in various forms ranging from a free casino bonus handed out at random, to free spins, free game play and free credit. More often than not such bonuses are allocated to specific games such as casino virtual pokies. As such games are the most popular types being played by online Australian players they will be pleased to also note that the games themselves provide the chance to win additional bonus amounts through their own game play without the need to meet wagering requirements.