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One of the major advantages being offered by online casinos is the numerous types of best Australian casino bonus which is granted to players who are residents of Australia. No other land based casinos are able to offer the same amount of bonuses as online casinos and therefore giving them the upper hand to online game play.

Although an online casino bonus may come in various forms ranging from a free casino bonus to additional free spins, there are certain games which offer more bonuses which are only available to be gained through playing the game. These types of bonuses may be free spins or bonus amount which can be won from the mini off real bonus games within the game itself. Such games are provided by one of the most well-known online gaming software companies – Netent. Net Entertainments has produced and developed virtual games such as the most fantastic pokies (sometimes referred to as slots or video slots) which include the ability for players to achieve additional bonus coins within their games. Having made use of state of the art animation, crisp graphics and clear as well as fun sound effects, they offer that additional fun factor to any of its slots. Video slots however are a more complex version of pokies as these are the ones which offer additional games within their main play. Depending on the theme of the particular video slot, games and spins have been developed in order to compliment that particular theme. Among the most popular video slots produced by Netent include Jack Hammer, Blood Suckers and of course Devils Delight.

Devils Delight is a video slot comprising of five reels, three rows and twenty bet lines which can be played at various coin values depending on the player’s choice. As its name suggests, its theme revolves around a number of cartoon-like devils which are wreaking havoc among the living. Among the various symbols which can be found in this video slot’s reels include various types of devils, the grim reaper, skeletons, the 666 symbol as well as grave stones with various letters. The highest payout combination involves the various types of devils while the lowest is the combination of lettered grave stones. However no matter the type of spin, players are able to achieve an Australian casino bonus through the spin of wild substitutions, free spins, scatter symbols and bonus symbols which may activate the off reel mini bonus game. Through this mini bonus game, players are also able to achieve sin spins which are only available within the Devils Delight game. The free spins are activated when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels during the main game. In order to determine the number of free spins won, players must click on any of the scatter symbols which will automatically reveal the total number of free spins. This amount can range between seven and seventeen free spins. It is important to note that once these have been activated, they will be played at the same bet level and lines as the spin which activated the free spins in the first place. However during this feature, players are able to win additional free spins when two or more scatter symbols re-appear. The free spins wins are multiplied by a multiplier ranging between one and five which is displayed in the game one the particular scatter symbol has been selected. The total number of wins is totalled at the end of the free spins feature and is added to the player’s balance before they are diverted to the main game again.

As mentioned earlier, the off reel mini bonus game which is included in Devils Delight has been developed to match the theme involved in the game – this is called the Soul Reaper bonus game. This online casino bonus game is activated when a bonus symbol appears anywhere on reels 3, 4 and 5. The best part about this bonus game is that it can be activated in both the main game and the free spins feature. But the bonus game can only be awarded once per spin. Once this happens, the player is diverted to an additional screen which will reveal a number of cartoon-living humans performing various tasks. On the left hand side of the same screen, there will be a list of various sins which would need to be matched to any of the characters on the screen. The player is given a certain amount of tries to match the sins correctly. Each time that a sin and character are matched correctly a coin win is awarded to the player and the soul of the character is added to a soul-o-meter. The soul-o-meter need not necessarily be filled in one game as the ‘souls’ are saved within it for a period of 48 hours. This will give players ample chance to fill their soul-o-meters. The total bonus coin wins are accumulated and totalled at the end of the feature. This in turn will be added to the player’s balance before they are diverted back to the main game. It will take a total number of fifteen souls to fill a soul-o-meter and once this has been done, the sin spins will automatically be activated. This means that players will gain ten free sin spins which are based on an average of the bets used while winning souls. This average is based on the coin value multiplied by the bet level used when collecting the souls. The total sin spins wins will be rounded down to the nearest coin value and added to a player’s balance. Therefore the mode a player bets, the more likely they will win large sums of bonus coins during the sin spins. However in order to increase their chance in winning large bonus amounts, players may opt for the option of a max bet. This option enables players’ spins to take place including the maximum bet level and maximum betting lines automatically. Therefore before each spin and at the coin value pre-determined by the player, the player must click on the max bet instead of the ‘spin’ button in order to achieve this form of play.